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WinAmpFilter: The constant variation between too loud and too quiet is killing me. Which WinAmp plug-ins for volume normalization do you recommend? Yes, I know iTunes does it well, but iTunes doesn't play nice when I have a couple of other programs open.
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ReplayGain. Rather than just peak level normalization, it uses multi-band analysis to measure percieved loudness to set amplification/attenuation levels. There's at least one ReplayGain plugin for Winamp, but if you're dealing with just MP3s, MP3Gain performs Replaygain normalization directly on MP3 files, losslessly.
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ReplayGain seconded. It is lossless rather than modifying the content of the files. Several formats support it as well as several players.

I'm using ReplayGain on my FLAC files which I play back through WinAmp. It is wonderful to not be constantly reaching for the volume.
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Sweet. Thanks for asking this question. This has bugged me for a while as well. I didn't know there was actually a fix to it.

On preview: is MP3Gain better if I'm using only mp3s? (This seems to be what zsazsa is implying.)
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BradNelson, I haven't tried MP3Gain since my library is almost exclusively FLAC.

The ReplayGain idea is that you put the data in meta-tags and don't tinker with the content of the audio at all - but a ReplayGain compatible player or plug-in is needed for playback.
I believe that MP3Gain instead modifies the actual audio so that your player doesn't need to support anything extra. I think that I saw somewhere in the hydrogenaudio forums that you can force MP3Gain to do metatagging instead.

You can certainly do tag-based ReplayGain in MP3, FLAC, Ogg and probably others. For WAV there is something called WaveGain, but it (again) seems to directly modify the audio.

Back to your question - if your library is exclusively MP3, then MP3Gain is probably the way to go.
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Thanks, all...I will give ReplayGain a try, seeing as my library is mostly .mp3, but has a few (50-100) AAC iTunes tracks.
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As a point of clarification, the ReplayGain plugin is for WinAmp 2. Will it also work for WinAmp 5?
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My understanding is that Winamp 5 supports all the plugins that work for Winamp 2, so you should be fine installing the ReplayGain.
(I have to grab this too when I get back to my home computer . . . classical piano and modern pop/rock do not play well together.)
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