Why do I keep getting jock itch on tanning beds?
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Why do I keep getting a jock itch like rash every time I go to a tanning bed? Is this jock itch or an allergic reaction? What's going on?

I don't tan very often, but like to do it for a couple of weeks leading into a vacation so I don't burn like crazy. Last year around this time I went and got some terrible jock itch. I spent about 3 weeks with anti-fungal cream before it went away. The symptoms seemed classic jock itch: a bunch of red bumps clustered together that itch like hell and tended to clump together as the rash got worse.

Okay pretty gross, but here we are a year later. I decide to tanning in the two weeks leading up to my vacation, went once (different tanning salon). I even brought disinfectant as I was sort of paranoid. Didn't use lotion or anything, spent about 4 minutes in the tanning bed and here I am, 3 days later, with the same symptoms as before. It is definitely not a sun burn, I'm not even pink anywhere else.

I can't believe I'd get jock itch on two separate occasions, especially considering I disinfected the bed and showered immediately afterwards. Taking lotion out of the equation and the only thing I could possibly be allergic to is the bed or UV rays, but why would it only appear in the groin region and as jock itch? Could the fungus lay dormant somehow and be activated by magic UV rays?

My whole idea of germ theory is going upside down here, why wouldn't I get jock itch working out or engaging in activities which I'm much more sweaty than a tanning bed?
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Best answer: To me, it sounds like heat rash.
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Not to alarm you, but HSV can be triggered by exposure to UV rays. IANAD, but your doc would be able to tell you what it is for sure.
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Are you on any medication that might cause light sensitivity? Googling for "light sensitivity rash itch" turns up a number of hits. One suggests increasing your beta carotene intake to deal with it. There's also other conditions that have this as a symptom, so you may want to consult your doctor.

Do you get any such issue with sunning yourself normally?

Sideways to your question, but have you considered using something like the Mystic Tan spray-on tanning rather than UV tanning? Perhaps you could get the prophylactic result you're looking for without the negative reaction (presuming that this is a reaction to the UV).
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Response by poster: It looks exactly like heat rash.

The only reason I tan (really!) is so I don't burn up when I go from spending 360 days a year behind a computer to 5 days outdoors 24/7. I think I'm just going to pack the sun tan lotion and skip tanning from now on. It was a completely emasculating experience anyway.
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Are you exposing your jock area to UV as well, or are you wearing underwear or something? If not, I'd try covering the area up.
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