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My consulting business has gotten busy enough (knock on wood) to warrant not using my personal cell phone number as the first line of communication. What I need is a service that creates a local phone number, has a customizable voicemail system that can fwd to my cell, office, whereever.

Is there such a thing, or should I just get a second cell phone?
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Try Packet 8:
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I hear RingCentral does something like this. I've used UReach myself, and while they have call forwarding I didn't need it.
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Could you use something like Vonage? It's really easy to turn forwarding on and off in the web interface, it's basically two clicks. They also have voicemail that will email you when you get a message. And you can choose whatever area code you want.
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I second Vonage - you can even get an 800 line somewhat cheaply. If you don't have broadband you can use the Web interface to listen to voicemail and other such things.
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I think you need Wildfire service--these guys and
Cingular seem to be the only people offering it in California, though.

This is a simpler one-number service.
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My wife has used AccessLine for just the purposes you described. She's been a happy customer for about two years. They also have fax and conferencing services if those are of interest.
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In Canada, Bell offers a service called Primeline that does exactly what you describe. I suspect most of the major phone companies probably do.
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Is K7 close? drawback: it's 206 area code only right now.
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Or, don't some services offer a second number with a distinct ring on the same phone?
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Second on Accessline. I've used them for over three years, and have always been happy, with the exception that I'd really like for them to add the capability to send faxes instead of just receive them.

It used to be that if you were a Costco Executive member, you could get a substantial discount on Accessline service - don't know if that's still true.
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