Where else have I heard that?
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Is there a site that keeps track of foley sound clichés in movies, hopefully sorted by the sound as well as by movie?

Everyone can call out a Whilheim Scream when it crops up, but my obsession has always been a specific door-opening sound which I can't find a sample of, but was used several times in 'Brain Candy' (off the top of my head) as the sound of the conference room doors opening/closing, as well as hilariously inappropriately as the opening of a small metal safe in 'Brother'. Also, there is a pottery breaking sound that is used over and over in 'Wet Hot American Summer', as well as other movies (I can't find a link to this exact sound either). Unlike Filmsound.org/cliche, I'm looking for something with the sound samples also attached.
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More soundtracks than sound effects, but this site lists classical music commonly used in films.
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Also, Wikipedia has some links.
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