Help me identify/find this mysterious liquid eyeshadow!
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Help me identify/find this mysterious liquid eyeshadow!

I bought some eyeshadow from CVS several years ago. I had it in two shades of gold/brown- a light one and a dark one. It came in a tube with a rounded end. The tube was completely opaque and was the color of the makeup inside. The applicator worked by twisting one end of the tube, which would bring the makeup comes out of the other (spongy) end through a number of holes. It was about the consistency of lip gloss, maybe a little thinner, although not sticky or overly shiny like gloss. If it ever had a label/any sort of branding, it was on one of those plastic wrappers that you can peel off of the tube. I've checked CVS and Ulta with no success. I even looked in the lip gloss sections in case it was actually meant for the lips. I'm pretty sure it was a major brand like Revlon or Maybelline. Can anyone help?
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Based on the packaging description, it sounds like it could be a Physicians Formula product. Was it like this?
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Response by poster: Nope, the tube was thicker (more like a cigar than a pencil), all one color, and rounded at the end.
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I used to have a green one... It was Revlon, I think. Digging around now because it will drive me crazy if I don't figure it out.
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Best answer: This is similar to what I was thinking of (the one I had was probably bought in 2003 or so, so it's probably discontinued). Was it Revlon Eyeglide Shimmer Shadow?
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Response by poster: Yes! I'm almost positive that's it. Thanks!
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Oh! For some reason when I read it, I thought you meant that package included two colors!
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