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Having trouble with Travel Budget.... destination is Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I am leaving for Sao Paulo, Brazil next week! I have a place to stay free of charge but I'm having trouble deciding how much money to bring along. Current exchange rate 2 Reals:1 dollar. How far does a real actually get you?

I am a college student traveling with my girlfriend and between the two of us we have put aside $1200. Does the hive mind think this is enough for 10 days of Brazilian goodness?
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It all depends on what you plan on doing for those 10 days. If you plan on using that money for visiting museums (for instance, a ticket to go into MASP goes for about $15 Reais -- and I believe entrance is free on Tuesdays), parks, dining, and clubs, it should be plenty.

According to this Sao Paulo specific tourism related website, people on business trips in Sao Paulo spend an average of $600 Reais per day, and tourists spend an average of $180 per day. I'm assuming they include lodging in that estimate, and since you're staying somewhere for free, it should cost you less.

Be careful with transportation, since traffic is pure hell, and taxis can get expensive.

There are always tons and tons of free events, and cool places to visit in Sao Paulo, so even if money gets tight, I guarantee you can find cool stuff to do for very little money.

By the way, I'm a native of Sao Paulo who left when he was 21, and has been in the US for about 10 years. Message me if you have any questions.
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There are very few places nowadays in SP where you will actually need cash. Credit cards and debit cards are nearly universally accepted in traditional business establishments. Of course, if you are going to a fair or purchasing goods off a street vendor, it's good to have some cash on hand. Generally, though, I wouldn't carry too much cash at any one time. Cabs do get expensive, as does eating in restaurants. I am shocked by how much it costs to eat out in Sao Paulo, but it is TOTALLY WORTH IT, some of the best restaurants in the world, in my opinion. Memail me if you want some restaurant suggestions, I just got back from SP, and ate at all my favorite places. That's my favorite thing to do in Sao Paulo - eat.
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