I just want Pu get some Sound advice.
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Where (literally) on Puget Sound should my wife teach me how to sail our 16ft Hobie Cat?

My wife is going to teach me how to sail. She's an old hand, but has never sailed this class of vessel before. I'm from Missouri, and have had success (and catastrophe) with canoes.

We live in Kitsap County.

We specifically want to sail on the Sound. We know of the lakes, but they hold no allure. They're also far away, whereas the Sound surrounds us. The Seattle catamaran clubs we've found online all seem dead in the water.

We have equipped ourselves appropriately for sailing in cold water (wet suits, PFDs, etc.). We're legal to sail in the Sound--according to the licensing lady I'm legal to sail my tiny boat to Japan if I'm sufficiently stupid. We have a righting system in place. Clearly we intend to stay out of shipping lanes and away from naval installations. We have charts.

Clearly at some point, we can venture tentatively outside protected waters. But, gee, it'd be nice to learn how to sail with a little bit of shelter.

But where do people sail smaller boats on the Sound? Where do you like to sail? There are a million bays and inlets and coves. Which ones have trailer access? Where are currents light? What appetizing bay, as seen from a map, really conceals a deadly current guaranteed to pull you into the ferry boat?

Seattle sailors, cough up your secrets. Please?
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Really anywhere can be a nice place to sail, some places will have more consistant wind. I recommend looking at a few weather reports for wherever you decide (NOAA, Wunderground are good sites for wind reports, and the MM5 is really useful to look at once you figure out what you're seeing).

You might want to ask some locals about tides or tricky areas to avoid... Bring a paddle. Shoot for 6-8mph winds your first time out. Don't go out if there isn't any wind forcasted. You won't have to worry about running aground in a Hobie since the daggerboards come up. You're wife probably knows this stuff though!

I live in Olympia and I don't necessarily recommend sailing a hobie cat down in the bay here unless you're with someone from here, the wind is shifty and the tides can get real tricky through Dana passage (makes for fun races though).
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