Audi Ur-Quattro Down Under?
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Was the Audi Ur-Quattro ever sold in Australia? If not, is anybody importing them today?
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Best answer: I don't think Audi had an official/major Australian importer between the late 70's and late 90's / early 00's - you certainly don't see many around from that period. I've seen a couple of early Quattros at the McLeans Bridge show over the years (although I didn't go this year), so they're not totally unknown here, but I don't know if they were dealer or private imports.

ACC gives as the club website; worth looking/asking there.
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No, they were never classed as domestic imports. Some grey imports exist, and I even remember seeing one on carsales about two years ago.

I think they are 100% gorgeous.
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I almost bought an 82 mars orange UR quattro once, awesome cars! If you want grey market there seem to be the most per capita in the UK, addittionally, and likely most importantly for you, they will be RHD and not require conversion.
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I love these cars, long been an Audi fan. My dad had a succession of 80s, 100s back when I was a kid. Our old 100 was used in a bank robbery a while after we sold it, very Ronin-esque. My Geology professor had an old quattro he used to take us out on field trips in Wales with, loads of fun. Loved my last generation 80 as well. Really must get one again.
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Sorry I'm on the other side of the world. I own a 1985 Ur-Quattro, U.S. spec. It's awesome. It was my dads last cool car before he passed. The can sell pretty cheap in the U.S., as they've been forgotten except by the passionate few.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. The forum link gives me somewhere to start, and they seem to have been sold in NZ which is a more realistic import option than the US.
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