Cheap access to University resources in the NYC area?
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Cheap access to University resources in the NYC area?

I want to take a college class or two when I get some extra time in the fall. I love the perks that come with being a student:

-Fitness facilities
-Museum/Arts discounts and passes
-Libraries and access to scholarly journals

What affordable schools/programs provide these for part-time students?
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The New York Public Library system is one of the largest in the world and has access to many scholarly journals.

As for cheap college classes, what's your definition of cheap?

State schools like Rutgers would be less expensive for a resident of New Jersey than would a class at either NYU or Columbia.
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Best answer: The CUNY system is rather affordable if you are a city/state resident.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I think I am going to take a class or two at a CUNY school. As an added bonus, when I was researching CUNY schools close to me I noticed that John Jay has a good forensic psychology program, a personal interest of mine. I am considering

For others who might be watching this question, the community colleges in the CUNY system offer a lot of 2-credit courses. At BMCC, for example, each credit is only $180. They have a pool, and they give you access to all CUNY libraries.
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