Sharing a 3G connection
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Home networking: sharing 3G connection on XP...

I've gone through some articles and stuff but still can't get it to work. Could use some help.

My desktop connects to the internet using a USB stick, which uses 3G as my internet connection. I want to share this access with my netbook so my roommate and I can be online at the same time.

The host:
Desktop running XP
Wireless and CAT5 capability not currently being used
USB 3G stick

The client:
Netbook running XP
Wireless and CAT5 capability not currently being used

I have a CAT5 hub with some cables, and a wireless router at my disposal. Wireless would be preferred, ad-hoc I think might be ideal.

I had them connected through the hub earlier, could ping each other, but still couldn't get the netbook to access the web.

I've setup home networks, wired and wireless, a couple of times, but that was using a typical broadband modem. I don't know the intricacies when the modem is USB.

If there's any clarification questions, and I don't reply, it's because I screwed things up again.

So, network gurus, what would you do? I may just be approaching it from the wrong angle, if it is actually doable.
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Response by poster: I should also note that there's no unsecured wireless networks within range, so that's not an option.
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Search the XP help for "Internet Sharing"
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This KB article is better than the XP help.
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Err... this one. oops.
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Cheapest would be windows Internet Connection Sharing.

Less cheap, but maybe easier to use, would be a wireless router that has a hookup for this kind of internet connection. I've seen them for PC Cards, I imagine they work for USB devices too. Set up the wireless card into the router and bam, you all have internet. If you need to take the card with you, just pull it out and go. The roomate wouldn't have service either way, so you're good there.
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Response by poster: Yeah the KB article was one of the ones I went through earlier and just now, among others I tried earlier, still nothing. Looked at the XP help files, but didn't help. A lot of conflicting info out there.

I did come across a passing reference to using a router with a USB input, but I don't think it would work with my stick, it needs it's self-installing software UI to manually connect using the UI button, it's not just plug it in and it's suddenly online. Good thought though.

Thanks for the thoughts so far.
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How do you mean you "got nothing"? Basically you want to setup both systems to talk on the wireless network. Then you enable ICS on the PC with the connection. Then you configure the mobile system to point to the PC. It should be pretty straightforward.

Or you could buy a router that supports the 3g. Google "3g router" and you get loads of hits.
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Response by poster: The problem was while I could get them talking, the netbook still had no internet access after being pointed to the host. I agree it should be straight-forward, but I went through like 3 tutorials in addition to the MS docs. Maybe I've caught the dumb.

Anyway, I bit the bullet and ordered cable high-speed. It'll be faster and cheaper than the stick, and I know how to deal with the wireless router I have already. Just use the stick for mobile/hotel access.
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