What TV show was this?
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A boy buys an earring at an old junk shop, either he can't afford both or the guy sells it to him for a great price because there's no pair for it. Once he start wearing it though, trash becomes attracted to him. He ends up taking refuge (I think) in a phone booth and the trash falls away when he takes out the earring. My question, what show was this?

It would've been on television during the 90's. I believe it was set up so each week the main character of the show found new weird stuff going on. It wasn't Eerie, Indiana though. I've also checked through episode lists of Are You Scared of the Dark and cannot find anything similar. Since those were my only two guesses I'm hoping someone else will remember it.

There may be another episode of the same show that had the main character losing his fake tooth down the toilet and having to go to the sewage treatment plant to get it back. The man working there had a collection of stuff and he got the tooth back.

Thanks very much for your help(hopefully) :)
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This was on 'Round the Twist', an Australian tv show based upon the short stories of Paul Jennings. I'll have a quick look around and see if I can find something more specific...
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Best answer: Here we go. Round the Twist, Season 2, Episode 6. Sloppy Jalopy. From the one sentence description there it's a 'toxic spill' that makes it happen but, from memory, after the school principal confiscates his earring he buys one from a homeless man at the rubbish dump but refuses to pay him. From then on, rubbish is attracted to him until he takes the earring out. I think the episode ends with him having the earring stolen by the local bully, who puts it on behind a sewerage truck and gets splattered.
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You've got me interested now. I didn't see the end of your question before, but that episode (the lost tooth) is Skeleton on the Dunny:

Scared by the ghost, Pete (Sam Vandenberg), has dropped his mouth plate with his false tooth down the toilet. Determined to get it back, he goes with Linda (Tamsin West) and Bronson (Rodney McLennan) to the sewerage farm.
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Response by poster: thanks so much:) if only I had remembered that they were Australian
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Didn't the credits for that show have one of the characters peeing over the wall of an outside urinal and scaring the girls outside?

Strange what one remembers...
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