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Blogger/Haloscan problem.

I've been using Haloscan for the comments on my blog for a while now. I'd used the "Blog Post Retrieval" Beta Feature in the settings on Haloscan to link the comment thread name with the relevant post title so that words appear rather than random numbers in things like the RSS feed. However, this randomly stopped working last week, and now the numbers are back. (Screenshot.)

Any attempt to link my Blogger account with Haloscan a second time yields this error: "An internal server error occurred. Please try again later." I've tried this on several days on Firefox, Safari, and even Internet Explorer, running both Mac OS X and Windows Vista. No dice.

I've written Haloscan support (which is now administered by JS-Kit) and got absolutely nowhere. (JS-Kit actually asked me to permanently grant them administrative access on my blog in order to diagnose the problem, even though the error is pretty clearly on their end; I told them I'd rather not.) Has anyone else managed to beat this bug?
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