Define "having a suspension."
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Can I get my VT Operator's License now, or do I need to wait three months?

So, Vermont has a graduated driver's license program, and you have to be 18 before you can get the real Operator's License. Hooray! My birthday was last week. However, back in November I got a speeding ticket and my license was suspended for three months, beginning on December 29.

June 29 will be 6 months from that date. In addition to being 18, you "must have not had any recalls, suspensions or revocations during the previous six-month period" in order to get an Operator's License.

So the question is, is that six months from the start of the suspension (i.e. in 5 days) or is that six months from the end of the suspension (three months and five days)? My other license expired on my birthday, but I'm out of state and not driving, so it's not an issue now, but it will be when I'm back in town.
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Best answer: I don't know off the top of my head, but I've gotten same-day responses to my email to the Vermont DMV on the rare occasions when I've had to contact them. If no one here knows, I'd suggest that. My guess, with nothing to go on, is that it means from the end of your suspnsion but I'd be happy to be wrong.
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Response by poster: I'd be happy for you to be wrong also! I'd forgotten about email, I'd just thought about how much of a pain calling them would be from across the country and decided to give AskMe a try.
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Or just call the DMV -- they can answer your question for you fairly quickly.
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Response by poster: So they replied saying it seems that I'm currently eligible for my license. Good stuff, and thanks for the email tip, I should have thought of that.
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