Thunderbird RC1 setup?
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Setting up news with Mozilla Thunderbird. My ISP uses giganews and requires login. How do I get it to work? Works fine with OE. Using Thunderbird RC1.

I tried it a while back (0.6) and it worked then. But now I can't figure out how to tell it my news server requires authentication. I uninstalled that version and downloaded and installed RC1 today. Now all I get when I try to get a list of newsgroups is "A News (NNTP) error has occured: Aborted by user". Even though I uninstalled, some settings were apparently retained because the password manager showed a stored password for an email account I didn't set up with this version. Suggestions?
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In 0.9, under Server Settings, select "Always request authorization when connecting to this server". If this still doesn't work, you probably need to nuke your profile directory. Uninstalling doesn't remove this directory.
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Okay, from a fresh install with profile nukeage, 1.0RC1 gives me the same error when trying to get a group list. 0.9, on the other hand, works swell. My recommendation is to use 0.9 instead until that bug's worked out of the 1.0RCs.
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Response by poster: Aha, thanks zsazsa. I'll uninstall RC1 and try 0.9.
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Response by poster: That was it. Thanks a bunch.
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This bug got fixed in the 1.0 final release, out today.
posted by zsazsa at 6:18 PM on December 7, 2004

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