Fire ants!!
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Last year we went on a camping trip to PEI and Nova Scotia and we had a great time. This summer we are thinking of going on a similar getaway. But in the last week or so, we've noticed articles online about a fire ant infestation. How widespread is the ant problem? Should we think about going somewhere else on our camping trip?
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Best answer: I heard on the CBC that they were mainly in peninsular Halifax. Not much camping there, so you should be fine. I also am sure they said that there was no fire ants in Cape Breton. Cape Breton is lovely, you should definitely go. Memail me if you want suggestions!
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Best answer: Cape Breton is amazing...if you go you need to go to at least one dance, right when you get there, in case you fall in love with the music and want to hear more while you are there. (It happened to me, 10 years ago and I still love it).

I hitchhiked through Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Cape Breton last summer, no problems with Fire Ants, but I didn't know there were any. I'm hopefully going back again this summer.

Taking the ferry from Sydney to Port Aux Basques in Newfoundland is really quite an experience. I would recommend it highly. You can drive up the west coast of Newfoundland, take a day trip to Labrador and then come back. It's really quite amazing. And make sure you drive out on the southern coast from Port Aux Basques to Rose Blanche and if you are really cool, take the ferry that goes to La Poile and Grand Bruit, which is maybe the coolest journey you'll ever be able to take and one that won't be around for long because those communities are dying (maybe already gone).
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Best answer: I haven't seen any in my area of the province, far from Cape Breton. I think you'll be alright this year. Come visit!
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Best answer: I am visiting the South Shore of Nova Scotia right now. Pretty villages, no fire ants.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses. The trip is still on!
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