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Homeworkfilter: I'm using VB 2008 Express and I need some help with checkboxes.

1. I have 12 checkboxes and I need each of these to pass an integer value of 0 (unchecked) or 1 (checked) to the next window when the "next" button is clicked.

2. For bonus credit and a gold star: I need to pass values from 12 dropdown boxes (each has 3-5 possible options).

Ex. How can I assign an integer value of 3 to the 1st item in the dropdown? How do I then pass this value of 3 to the next window where it will be multiplied by the checkox value?

Any help is appreciated
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Since I don't want to directly do your homework for you, let me give you a hint. Use the MSDN documentation for all VB language questions.

Here's the documentation for the System.Windows.Forms.CheckBox class. Once you find the answer you need, find the class reference for System.Windows.Forms.DropDownList.
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Is this literally a homework assignment? If so I think that's against the rules for an AskMe question.

For the dropdown thing one neat way of doing it is to create an Enum and add the possible Enum values in the dropdown item collection. The names of the Enum will show up in the dropdown list in the UI, but when you grab the selected item from the dropdown list you'll be able to figure out the corresponding Integer Enum value.
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