Lame locked Leatherman
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My fake Leatherman multitool is locked open.

It's not a real Leatherman, just a no-name knockoff that I can't even find a manufacturer's name on it. If I open and lock any tool--knife, saw, whatever, it locks open and I have to get a flathead screwdriver to pry it out of its groove.

Either a) I'm doing it wrong or b) I bought a real piece of shit knockoff Leatherman. It seems to be solidly constructed and doesn't appear to be as lame as it is; am I doing anything wrong? Or is it just a paperweight?
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Best answer: Some tools I have used require you to pull out a different tool halfway in order to unlock the first tool.
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Could you post a picture? It's tough to tell you what to do if we can't see what the locking mechanism looks like.
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Solidly made doesn't necessarily mean precisely made. If the moving parts don't fit precisely, then they could seize as you describe.
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Best answer: Based on my old leatherman, I think alexei has it: as an inexpensive locking mechanism, there is a slot at the back of each blade/tool. When you open another tool approximately half-way, it pushes the tab out of this slot so you can fold both (all) blades in again. Try that?
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alexei and JMOZ are right. Fold out another tool to 90 degrees (make an L shape... or a T-shape since you have another tool locked in the open position). Then the open tool will be unlocked and you can close everything.
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just another voice confirming alexi.
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How long have you had it and how dirty is the environment where it's used and/or stored (i.e. linty pocket)? Could be that it's just got some dirt or gummy stuff in its joints and could use a few drops of WD-40 or 3-in-1 oil.
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If you don't figure it out, call the company-- a friend works there and they are happy to help anyone who has issues with their products.
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