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I'm looking for a new watch. My current watch is a Lorus Fusion 7T92-X001 as pictured here, and I'm very happy with the look of it (its a lot more silver looking than that picture implies). Mostly it seems to have an organic flow to the look of it which I like, its not chunky or anything like that. However all the knobs have stopped working, I can't change the date/time, the pins keep breaking, and the cost to repair seems inordinately high, perhaps its time for a new watch. Can anyone have a look at that and pick something they think I might like? Don't worry about cost or anything like that :) Thanks!
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Best answer: The Poor Man's Watch Forum is gonna blow your mind.

From the excellent store, for you, I recommend:



Or my own personal favourite, (molto elegante!) This little baby
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Response by poster: Awesome website smoke... totally awesome. I'm guessing the "store" you mention is the forum sales area? I can't see a link to an official store there per se...
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Response by poster: Except for the big flashing "shop" icon ... ignore that question, sorry!
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Best answer: And for future reference, if you want to step up to the $1,000 + MSRP range, or just want to drool, the place to check out is the forums at TimeZone.
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Best answer: Bell & Ross Hydromax. It's quartz, waterproof to 11k m and you won't have to worry about things breaking or not working anymore.
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Best answer: Browsing for watches is somewhat of a hobby of mine. Overstock.com and Buy.com have thousands upon thousands of watches from which to choose. Ubid.com also has an interesting array of unique watches. Beware, though, most Ubid watches are European design knockoffs (licensed brands) with Japanese movements - so take their "Comparative Retail Ticket Price" with a few pounds of salt (read the disclaimer at the bottom of the product description page). Having said that, this 32Degrees Regatta watch looks similar to the layout of your Lorus.
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Response by poster: OK I'm thinking of getting something like this watch, but I'd like a metal band, I have no experience with getting new bands, I assume its pretty easy to do?
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Lovely, Admira, and yep, getting a metal band is (wait for it....) a snap. ;)
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Response by poster: I actually changed my mind at the last second and got this Stuhrling instead. Thanks to everyone, I could spend ages browsing all these sites!
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