Find a painting by subject matter?
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Help to find a print of a painting for my MIL. Difficulty:only have a description of the subject matter, not the title nor artist.

Dark Maroon background, subject matter is a pot of flowers (possibly poppies, possibly peonies) that "lean over onto the empty space of the canvas". This is a classic painting that is likely to have been made into prints.

My MIL thinks she saw this painting and wants to find a print but doesn't remember the artist or the title.
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Or this?
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Any idea whether it's realistic or somehow impressionistic? Here are a few I found that seemed close None of these seem perfect, but all seem close.
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In this painting the pot is laying on its side.
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Are you going to recognize the right one if it's linked here?
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Tulips on Red?
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This as close as my Google-Fu comes to your description:

But this is a relatively new painting and wouldn't fit the "classic" bill. (Just in case, though)
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Response by poster: I'll be showing her the links to see if we're getting close... thanks for all of your help so far, and if anyone else has a suggestion, please add it.
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Are you going to recognize the right one if it's linked here?

Yes, it's my crazy mother who wants the print. If we show her the image I'm sure she'll be able to say "that's it!".

Thanks for all the ideas so far. I'm emailing them to her...
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Also - based on her descriptions, I'd say it's a single type of flower in a vase. I immediately suggested Van Gogh and we looked through a few of his flower paintings. I'd say its definitely a Van Gogh or of a similar style.

Sorry, she is a bit of a nut and there were 4 small children running around making it difficult to have a conversation with her!
posted by Mrs_Eep at 8:39 PM on June 23, 2009 has posters of classical paintings and of more modern stuff, but they have the convenience of sorting by categories - here are their indexes for:
poppies, fine art
peonies, fine art

It sounds from your description like she remembers the flowers breaking out of the "frame" of the colored background, dipping into the white space outside? like this?

Or is it just that the flowers slouch down within the white frame? eg Peonies, Lilacs and Primulae, Johan Jensen

Obvious but maybe worth mentioning:
Georgia O'Keefe, Oriental Poppies
Georgia O'Keefe, Red Poppy

You could also try other flower types under "flowers by type - fine art".

If it might be something more contemporary like this, or this, try the category "decorative art" under each flower type.

A few other possiblities, working through paintings that are very, very broadly in the same vibe as Van Gogh (ie, 19th- early 20th c. European oils). If these seem familiar to her, you can click on the artist's name and then narrow by subject matter within that artist's work.
Anemone Bouquet, Renoir
Tulips in a Vase, Renoir
Martin Johnson Heade has a several paintings of single white flowers against dark backgrounds, posed kind of drooping off a tabletop - longshot possibility
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