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I need the best recording of "I'll Be Seeing You" that you can recommend.

I'm doing my Mom's memorial service slideshow and want to include this song. Nothing too upbeat, just smooth and mellow.
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I've always liked Holly Cole's but I'm not sure it's the feel you're looking for. (Be sure to listen past the beginning, it slows way down.) If it is, it's on Blame It On My Youth and downloadable for a buck here.
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I love that song. Two of my favorite versions are by Bing Crosby and Mel Torme (sorry no link).
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My favorite recording is Billie Holiday's version. Another one with nice harmonies is a 50s recording by the McGuire sisters. I also have a decent Joni James version with a full orchestra... that one's probably my second favorite. Memail me if you have a hard time finding these files.
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I posted too quickly... I meant to also add that I am sorry for your loss.
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Hi there... so sorry for your loss.

Steve Tyrell's version is very good. (from his album "A New Standard").

I would think it would be perfect for this.
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In the early 1950's the definitive version was by Jo Stafford. If your mom was in her 70s, that's probably the version she heard.
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Sorry about your loss.

Mark Eitzel does a fine version of this track on his Music for Courage and Confidence album.
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Yes, Billie Holiday - no other version could compare.
The words have meaning, when she sings them.
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Please check your MeFi Mail:-)
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Peggy Lee gets my vote. Let me know if you need an MP3.

I also have a soft spot for the Ink Spots version. Rosemary Clooney also kills it.
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Oh and if you're looking for an instrumental version... Sonny Stitt.

Oh, and because when else would I get a chance to link to it: Iggy Pop and Francoise Hardy.

My condolences...
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Instumental, but I've always been partial to the version on Brad Meldhau's Art of the Trio 4.
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Also my condolances.
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Rickie Lee Jones has an awesome version.
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Judy Collins's version on the Judith album fits the bill perfectly, IMO. She nails the sense of loss along with the wonderful memories.
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Thanks, everyone. Still looking, and thanks to the good folks who offered to send me mp3's. You're all so awesome. It's hard to lose your mama. Looking forward to listening to all your suggestions.
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Because of all the great people here at AskMe, my search is over! Blessings to you all.
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