Chair that converts to twin bed
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I need a small scale chair that converts to a twin bed.

We have a 500 sq. ft. cottage and need extra sleeping room for guests. There is room for two small chairs in the living area and we would like to replace these chairs with something that makes into twin beds. We like the way the ZzzChair converts to a chaise lounge and twin bed but it has a boxy look that isn't appealing. We do want a good quality chair/bed and not some flip type Styrofoam chair.

Any suggestions on where to find something to meet our needs?
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CB2 has a nice twin sleeper, but it would probably take up the space of both chairs together.
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No ... we need two separate chairs for separate twin beds. This looks more like a love seat. Thanks though.
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Target has a couple options. Most futon places also sell chairs, try googling for "futon chair". Also found great results searching for "chair sleeper"...
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At Ikea, they have this, but that might also be too boxy for your tastes.
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I love my LLBean Superlight Sleeper chair.
It's super-comfortable for sleeping and a great place to curl up with a book.
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A twin bed is wider than one of the chairs in your photo. The chair you linked to is not a twin bed; it's much narrower. It is likely that you will need to either allot more space or rethink your room design (get a double bed pull-out sofa, resign yourself to tiny beds smaller than a twin, or rearrange the room so that you have more floor space for the chairs).
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Oh yeah? There's always the LLBean Ultralight Sleeper sofa...
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The LYCKSELE LÖVÅS ikea chair bed that barc0001 linked to is quite good, I have the larger full size version.
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