Diagram of the US immigration laws and process?
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I recall seeing several times an excellent diagram that illustrates US immigration laws/policieis. I saw it via a link on the interwebs, but my Google Fu is betraying me, I cannot find it!

It was, essentially, a decision tree. It showed the process one would take for each situation, how long it would take and how long. It included things like education background, are you related to a US citizen. Do you have a particular skill. It was amazingly clear and really opened my eyes to the fact it is not easy to become a legal immigrant to the US.
I want to share this diagram with my parents who are of the "just go back home and apply to get in and wait a few years" attitutde toward illegals. They don't realize that a lot of illegals are not eligable. Many people seem to think that anyone can become an immigrant to the US. (and store a link for future reference).
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Best answer: This?
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Best answer: What part of legal immigration don't you understand?, from Reason Magazine.
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Response by poster: I think that is it! I don't remember the top portion, covering who is a citizen. But it does include all of the options/situations that may or may not lead to you entering legally :)
I won't turn away other examples, if there are some. I'm afraid my folks might not buy anything from Reason :(
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