Any Halusky in Chicago?
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Any Halusky in Chicago?

Does anyone know any Czech/Slovak places in Chicago where you can get halusky? All of my googling has presented me with very little even though I know that Chicago once had a ripe Czech population.
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This may be a helpful starting point. Or this; there's some overlap between the two. Sorry I don't know personally, but there are some URLs in there to work with. Maybe you can find a menu or just call a place or two; I'm sure they'll point you in the right direction.
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Go to you can probably just search there or ask and I'm sure they'll know. If there is a Polish analogue knowing the name of that would probably be helpful.
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Couple of things: Pilsen was the center of the Czech population. It is now predominantly hispanic, but there may be some stores that remain.

Try the Ukrainian Village. There are still a lot of stores that have lots of ethnic type foods, they may have an analogue, or may be able to whip something up for you.

This is fascinating for anyone interested in Chicago history
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From heyho's first link, I can definitely tell you that the Bohemian Garden is a great place, but I don't know specifically about halusky on their menu. Also, I think Klas and the Riverside are out of business.

The Polish/Czech/Bohemian population that used to live closer in, in the Cicero/Berwyn/Stickney area, has moved west. Lemont especially has a large Eastern-European population now.

Possibly try any of these grocery stores that carry Bobak's Sausage, only the best Polish sausage ever made. If they stock Bobak's products, they probably have a pretty good selection of ethnic foods. lists 154 Polish places in the Chicagoland area. :-) Surely one of them will carry the style of halusky you're looking for.
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Halusky isn't typically packaged and sold. As far as I know, it's typically made up fresh. So, I'm not sure if going to a store would help (other than possibly getting a good restaurant recommendation).

Another option if you are in a real pinch would be going to a German place and getting spaetzel.
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