Microsoft is holding my friends, my family and my life hostage!
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How do I get contacts/calendar off my Win Mobile 5 device, onto my computer and then on to my new iPhone without Outlook? I'd like to migrate to Google Calendar in the process if possible.

I have a windows mobile 5 phone with all my contacts and calendar events. For various reasons I don't own Outlook, so I kept all calendar and contact information on the old phone without backups.

Now I own an iPhone (3G S), the win mobile device is obsolete (thank god) but it still is holding my contacts and calendar hostage. How do I make the switch?

I independently have heard good things about Google Calendar so I'd like to move to that if possible. It seems like it would be a good intermediary between my data and the iPhone once it is on my computer, but how do I get the data to my computer without Outlook? Or, barring that, how can I get a temporary (free) version of outlook so I can ferry stuff on to my computer and then get it to the iphone and be done with outlook?

Generally, I have never had to sync stuff before, this is all new territory for me. It is scary because all the docs I read online seem to want to "push" stuff to my phone, or say I must backup my data first... I'm afraid it will erase everything on my win mobile phone before I make the switch.

So in this whole process how do I not lose all my contact/calendar date?

Thanks for the help

PS - I sorta know the lingo but don't assume I know what I am doing... at all.
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There's Export Contacts which ought to do it.
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For your calendar:

1) Sync your WM Calendar with Outlook.
2) Sync Outlook with Google Calendar.
3) Sync Google Calendar with your iPhone.

I don't know how to do contacts since I haven't done it myself. But I can tell you that the iPhone can sync contacts with both Outlook and the Windows Address Book (accessible via Outlook Express). This is a standard feature and should be in the manual. Also this may help you.
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Oh wow, I just saw you don't have Outlook. Sorry for the useless answer. (But if I were you, I'd find a buddy with Outlook.)
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