Barcelona for a teenager???
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Please give me advice on making the most of my upcoming vacation to Barcelona. Previous posts have been very helpful but...

I am taking my daughter to Barca for her 16th birthday. i have read the previous Barca posts on what not to miss and where to stay, but i'd still love to tweak out the experience so she gets the most out of her first time to Europe.
We are going to be there Sept 4 to 13th. Are there any festivals nearby during this time?
Ten days seems to give us enough time to do most fo the age appropriate things in and around Barca proper. If we were to make an excursion (couple of days midweek) should we try one of the islands (Mallorca)?, or venture to a nearby city...Valencia? Madrid?
Maybe I'll drag her to see one of the Vuelta stages, but then again maybe not.
Help me hivemind...please.
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Do everything you can to move your trip two weeks back.

La Mercé, centered around the 24th of September (provisional dates for this year are 18-24th) is everything she'd ever want - a citywide, week-long party, with huge free gigs and concerts, the correfoc, castellers, fireworks displays on the beach, parades, etc, etc, ad infinitum.

Generally, details of the acts and schedules aren't released until early September (Spain functionally shuts down in August, so it's only when the ayuntamiento get back from their holidays that things really start to get into gear) but it's never been a let-down, and really shouldn't be missed...
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