What was the name of this graphic design website?
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What was the name of the website on which freelance graphic designers could publically upload their logos and banners to match a contractor's brief, on the condition that one of their designs must be purchased after an allotted time?

I saw this three or four months back and can't seem to find it now. I'm pretty sure the bidding currency was dollars. The site itself was pretty slick / 'web 2.0' as I remember.
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This is the one I was thinking of.
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LogoTournament fits that description.
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Worth1000 has something like this, although they're framed as contests. Anything with a dollar sign is what they call "corporate contests" where people give a brief and give money to the winner.
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Ah yes, Crowdspring was the one I was thinking of. But these others are equally useful, thanks everyone.
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