How do I make the best cannoli filling ever?
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Headline says it all: how do I make the best cannoli filling? Ricotta+powdered sugar+vanilla? How much of each (or other ingredients) should I use? I made it last night with 1.5 lb ricotta, 1 c powdered sugar, and 1/4 tsp vanilla, using a recipe in some old Italian cookbook, but it came out a bit chalky and not as thick/creamy as it is when it comes from a restaurant. Any specific pointers (or any particularly great add-ins)? Lots of Google hits, but I'm trying to filter out the noise. Thanks in advance.
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Maybe ditch the ricotta in favor of Mascarpone?
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Use better/fresher ricotta. It tends to lose water on sitting in the refrigerator. And try using less sugar. The hardest part is achieving the right dampness in the ricotta, which should be from sheep milk and as fresh as possible. If it's too watery, you can drain it in a cheesecloth or a colander before use.
If the filling is 'chalky', you can try adding a little cream. No mascarpone. Some add chocolate chips, or finely cut candied orange zest, but the 'original' filling is just ricotta and sugar, nothing else, not even vanilla.
One of my favourites is substituting some of the sugar with honey, or adding a tiny amount of powdered cinnamon.
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For really fresh ricotta, albeit probably not from sheep's milk, try making your own. (Another version.) If you choose a ricotta recipe without salt, you might consider adding a tiny bit to the filling.
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I use ricotta + cream cheese + powdered sugar + almond extract as my base. No vanilla. The ricotta/cc mix is about 1.5/1 ricotta. Whip it good, sugar and extract to taste. You'll know when you get there.
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