I need an 18" dome
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I need a new shade for a chandelier. Where can I find one?

I broke the shade for my foyer chandelier and now I'm trying to figure out where I can get another. The shade is 18" in diameter, and dome style/shape with a hole in the middle. The original shade was a pale frosted expresso colour, but I could go with white or cream.

Home Depot doesn't carry shades of this size or special order them. They referred me to Sam the Chandelier Man at Queen and Roncesvalles in Toronto, and he didn't have a shade the right size but if he should find one for me it would cost about $85. I could get a new light fixture for that. Is this the going rate, and if not, where online/in Toronto can I find a glass shade that meets my specifications?
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Rejuvenation Hardware has a large variety of shades and light fixtures, and they sell online. They offer lots of styles, organized by fitter size. Their stuff is all antique/vintage in design, and I've been very pleased with the quality and their customer service.

orange swan, you're our resident craft maven - roll up your sleeves and start making one. Don't disappoint your loyal fans!
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What, you're not going to make one? ;)

Is it a vintage fixture? You might look at home salvage places, which Google seems to indicate exist in Toronto. Our current and previous home are both older, and all our replacement fixtures have come from this type of business. Not everything there is necessarily antique, either, but you often find more interesting pieces than you would at the local lighting shop, for much less.
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Response by poster: The only kind of glass work I do is stained glass. I suppose it might be possible for me to make a shade, but I think as busy as I am right now I'd rather buy one. I'll check out some more home salvage places.

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