Jaguar torsion bar tool
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Looking for a 1973 Jaguar E type torsion bar tool.

I need to find for purchase or rent a torsion bar tool, known as a "JD43 suspension setting links" for a 1973 Jaguar Serril E type.
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Were I looking for the same, I'd definitely start at the Hemmings Motor News forums. I'd have to imagine someone there can point you in the right direction.
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From googling around, you don't neeeeeed it need it, you just need to adjust and re-adjust things so it's right. Torsion bars on the E-Type are, apparently, a real monster to install, remove and re-install... unless you prep the job properly, like this guy did.
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Response by poster: What's that link again?
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Heh. Sorry - try this:
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