Need information on local-ish serial killer!
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I'm wondering how to find information regarding a serial killer case that happened about 40 years ago...

Hi, my first post! I'm trying to find out information regarding a serial killer in my metro area named Ivy Tindell from Adrian, Michigan. Apparently he murdered numerous people and buried them under the floor boards, and all over the property. Everyone here knows the story, but I need solid information, not heresay.

I've tried googling, and cannot find any information. I believe the murders happened around the 1970s-1980s. The word is that the attention from the case would have been detrimental to the economy around the area, so I guess there wasn't a lot of media coverage. (That could be complete bullshit.)

Any help or leads in the right direction would be great!
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Try searching for Ivory Lee Tindall.
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Best answer: quodlibet's search turned up this post, and a 1985 article from the Toledo Blade.

Adrian College, right there in Adrian, Michigan, has a library, and you can e-mail questions to librarians. I bet they'd know where you can find the info. I never knew until I got involved with a librarian how helpful they can be in response to questions like this.
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If this was a big case in your area, I second the library. We have a famous urban legend murder in our area, and the librarians have a whole folder of articles on it behind the desk.
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Another, more detailed, article from the Toledo Blade, found by googling "ivory tindall adrian murders".
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Response by poster: Thanks you guys, I appreciate the help! All logical answers, if I were to think about it. :)
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Best answer: Hi Faintly
I was a television news reporter on this story for the NBC affiliate in Toledo. Ironically I was telling a colleague who is from Monroe about this story this morning when I pulled up your request in a google search.
Ivory Lee Tindalls was a migrant worker who attracted other female migrant workers to come live with him on his rural "commune" in Adrian. One by one they started disappearing. A woman living there started noticing that women were going missing on a fairly consistent basis. (Every two weeks). When she questioned Tindalls he said that the women had left Michigan to return to Mexico. Still suspect--the witness started snooping around the property and noticed a stash of garbage bags in the garage and a very putrid smell. She went to the police and thus Tindalls was caught. There were women wrapped in quilts buried in the floor boards--some had been there as many as eight years. There were remains in the garbage bags where he had dismembered victims. Pretty gruesome to be a Reporter at the scene at the time. Please let me know if I can help you further. I probably have some of the old television scripts somewhere.
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