Looking for a bed like this one...
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I love this bed. How do I find one like it? What kind of words should I be using in my search? Thanks!
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Best answer: The one I found that looks almost exactly like it is called a "French Antique Louis XV Bed" and Google Images seems to bear this out.
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Add the word "corbeille" and you get a little closer.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Jess!
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Some things it may (or may not) be helpful to know:

1/ This style enjoyed something of a renaissance in the 1950s. So, it is possible to get a 2nd-hand corbeille bed that is neither antique nor French for (relatively speaking) not a lot of money. Ebay always has them.

2/ They can be reupholstered. This can easily run as much as the bed if not far more.

3/ Pay attention to not only the charms of the bed but the mattress size. The older the bed, the less likely it is to have been designed for what are now standard mattress sizes and the more likely they are to come with mattresses designed specifically for that particular bed.
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no padded part, but pottery barn has one with the curvy footboard.
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