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What are some good thrift stores in Philly that go beyond just clothing?

What are some good thrift stores in Philly that carry more than just clothing? Things like old electronics would be cool, but specifically I'm looking for thrift stores that might potentially have musical instruments such as toy pianos or old keyboards or even oscillators. I'd prefer to stick to the city but I'm not opposed to going out to the Main Line, since I know there are some thrift stores there (but I haven't been).

Feel free to also list Philly thrift stores that only deal in clothing but are great, since I'd like to know about those also.
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Philly AIDS thrift tops my list for thrift stores, though if you're looking for musical insturments, you're almost certainly going to get a much better selection in better condition at a pawn shop...
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Oh, and Yelp! has pretty good penetration in Philly, so their listings might be useful as well.
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Do you know of any worthwhile pawn shops in Philly? Searching for them came up with a bunch of money lenders and didn't really give any indication of the quality of any of the pawn shops.
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Second Mile in West Philly is amazing; they have several stores on the same block; one for clothing, one for electronics and books, one for homewares, and one for furniture. Super cheap, great stuff.

Also seconding Philly AIDS Thrift.
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I don't know any pawn shops at all, but maybe Circle Thrift (two locations: Frankford Ave. and 1125 S. Broad St)? Mostly but not exclusively clothes. Also South Street Antiques Market (615 S. 6th)? I never looked especially for electronics and instruments, so YMMV.
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Seconding Second Mile. I got a gorgeous hand-carved wooden curio and a card catalog there for 80 bucks, total.
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new life thrift store in abington has a ton of stuff besides clothes, inc. electronics, furniture, luggage, kitchen junk, books, etc.
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In case anybody's still reading this: thirding Second Mile.

They're a bit smaller than they used to be, though; the separate electronics-and-books store got moved into the back of the clothing store, as I found when I stopped by a couple weeks ago.
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Under the El around the Berks stop there's a place called Bada Bargains that's AMAZING. 1939 N. Front. It's sort of an indoor-flea-market type thing. They'll usually make you a deal, too.

Yes, Second Mile and Circle Thrift are also pretty awesome.
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Berlin Farmers Market in New Jersey every Saturday and Sunday. Best flea market in the world. Well, in New Jersey at least. Get there at 8am for the best stuff.

That's where you're gonna find what you're looking for!

In Philadelphia, there's another weekend flea market on Tacony Ave. It's between the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge and the Arsenal Business Center. Coming from downtown, take Aramingo Avenue all the way north and veer right onto Tacony under the I-95 overpass.

There's sometimes good stuff there, but it's never as good as Berlin.
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