My laptop doesn't need Real or WMP to see my Samsung YP-U3
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On my laptop running on XP, the Samsung mp3 player YP-U3 is only detected by Real and Windows Media Player. -- But I'm not interested in managing the files with these applications. I would simply like to see the player icon appear in the 'My Computer' window but it doesn't.

Why can't my laptop see it the way my desktop sees it (also XP). When I plug the player in my desktop computer, the player icon does appear in the 'My Computer' window and I can easily manage the mp3 files without the help of any sofware.

I can then slide files from my computer to the device or I can slide files from the device to the computer. Quick and easy.

What do I need to do to make the YP-U3 icon appear in 'My Computer' on my laptop?

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I'm going to point you towards my answer to a similar question.

If you don't need to support Windows DRM, you can swap out the firmware for one that's a lot more universally supported.
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Thank you ! It worked !

I had seen this question in the archive but I didn't realize that it contained the answer I was looking for!...
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