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Who is the narrator of Treehouse (Canada) tv's stingers & show teasers?

Gimme a break, it was 11:45pm and I'm sitting with a very awake toddler with whom I ill-advisedly screened the first Spider-Man movie earlier tonight. Note to other parents of preschoolers: they may have the sticker books, the sippy cups, the full-body Spider-Man costume. But they'll be scared shitless of the Green Goblin for hours and hours even if you mute the sound and ffwd the Willem Dafoe bits. Just the blinky screen captures of that GG face are enough.

So there we are, unusually late at night, in front of Treehouse... and I'm wondering, who does the "Who are the Wonder Pets going to help today!?" etc. voiceover narration for Treehouse?
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