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I have just been asked to a female friends office Christmas party...If I was in High School and this was the prom, I'd have a corsage for her...any etiquette for a date to an event like this? Its a dressy-business-casual dinner...
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Don't embarrass her. If you two had some sort of torrid fling in the past, I would recommend keeping that one in the vault.
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(sounds like strange advice, but I swear, I have a friend who probably would bring up our torrid fling at an event such as that).
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no fling...we met this summer and have had lunch a few times and chat several times a week...

I was wondering more along the lines of having a little gift for her...

flowers? condoms? lol...
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No gift is required for this type of date. But if you want to give her a token just to be nice, give her a Christmas ornament (if she celebrates Christmas).
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These events can vary wildly from business to business. Sometimes they're staid, formal events; sometimes they're excuses for drunken revelry. Sometimes people bring guests because the events are very "couply"; sometimes they bring guests because they want a wingman. I say get the lowdown, and reciprocate with whatever sounds appropriate -- in my case, working at a firm with a "work hard - play hard" vibe, it would probably be post-party drinks or a reciprocated night out.

Outwide of these lunches and chats, where is the relationship going? If it's really flowers and condoms, you could offer to take her out dinner or New Years Eve.
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If you're actually interested in the girl, I think a corsage would make a fabulous ice-breaker (if she's got a good sense of humor).
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You must be head over heels for her if you're willing to go to a corporate outing. If you're picking her up at home, some flowers is nice.
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Also, don't hang mistletoe from your belt.
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Wear a suit, tell her she looks lovely, make polite chit chat with her co-workers, don't have more than a couple of drinks and keep things restrained on the dance floor.
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Please don't put roofies in her drink.
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Pay attention to orange swan. You're the decoration here; show up, be social, but not brilliant. Smile. since you're mentioning HS and the're putting pressure on it all. Figure you're someone she wants to be seen with, and that you can present professionally. Again, make sure you don't drink too much. Be prepared for lots of little whispers of who this person is or that person is. Firm handshakes with the boss(es). Compliment her (if you can do so well.) For what it's worth - she's interested, if you behave, well, you can take your interest further if you ahven't.
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