iPhone couple apps?
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What are some great iPhone apps for couples?

My girlfriend and I both have iPhones. I just got the new model, cashing in a gift certificate she got me.

What are some apps that are good/useful for couples? Grocery store apps that sync our lists? Apps that help us schedule dates in our busy schedules?

So far, as a new iPhone user, I'm quite disappointed with the lack of imaginitive apps for small groups of people.

I mean, where's the obvious "find your friend in the crowd" (within GPS resolution constraints) that these phones should have by now?

Not particularly looking for games, but if you think a multiplayer game would be good for a couple, that would be welcome.

Prefer free apps, but am willing to pay inside of $10 for really well-done stuff.
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This might not be exactly what you're looking for, but the contraction timer app came in very handy for my partner and I when I gave birth. Perhaps one day down the road it could be useful for you...
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We use Zenbe lists to sync up our grocery store lists. We can add to the list from my phone, his phone, or the web interface on our laptops. The app is $2.99, but it's been more than worth it in saved frustration, gas saved on "oops" trips back to the store, etc.
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I mean, where's the obvious "find your friend in the crowd"...
I think that's what Loopt is for.
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For fun, we regularly challenge each other in Scramble.
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where's the obvious "find your friend in the crowd" (within GPS resolution constraints)

My girlfriend and I use Hey Where Are You? for this (Free). The first app I've used with push notifications.

Up until Wednesday's upgrade we used Foodle, but at this point I would avoid it due to 3.0 compatibility issues (2.99). Zenbe is starting to look like a much better choice.
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My husband and I both have iphones. Not sure if all of these will be applicable to your situation since you may or may not share that many accounts yet, but here is what we use:

Groceries - Grocery Gadget Shopping List Sync Groceries - Setup one account, share shopping lists, email grocery lists to each other, etc.

Mint.com - Overview of all our finances.

Ebay or Amazon Apps - For shopping.

Todo - (with a toodledo account) - For to do lists.

Calendar - We share a Google Calendar between our accounts and both sync it to our phones. That way we both use one central calendar.

iPhlix - Manage your netflix account.

Shutterfly - Access to all our photos.

Textfree Lite - We don't text much so this comes in handy if we need to get a quick message to each other. 15 free texts a day.

Games: Monopoly, Scrabble, Word Scramble. Some we play over wifi, others we may just take turns passing back and forth when we're waiting for a table or killing time before a movie.

Apps we're considering to try sometime soon - Skype, some sort of password/data vault for shared account info, medical/emergency info keeper, and a pet info keeper for vet visits.
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