Where can I find a bottle of Absinthe in Massachusetts?
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I'm headed home to Massachusetts in August for a vacation at my grandparents cabin in the woods, and I'd love to have a bottle of Absinthe for afternoon sippin'. Anyone know where I could purchase one in either Boston or the Amherst/ Northampton area?

Shipping to Massachusetts seems to be problematic, from what I've seen online, but if you know of somewhere that does it, it might be an option. Oh, and Kubler or St. George are my preferred brands. Thanks!
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i can't speak for western ma but most liquor stores in boston stock kubler. according to kubler's website the horizon beverage company is their distributor in ma. if no one has specific store recommendation you could try calling horizon (800.696.2337) and see what they have to say.
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When I'm in Northampton, I go to Table and Vine for good wine. I haven't looked at their liquor section, but based on the wine selection, it is probably a good bet.

Try giving them a call and see if they have your preferred absinthe.
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Apparently, Table and Vine is now in Springfield. Can you tell I haven't been there in a while?
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Call State Street in Northampton and ask them if they have it, or for a recommendation.
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Most reputable liquor stores in the MA have some kind of absinthe. I like Blanchard's in Allston (they have a much wider selection than their website lets on), because it's gigantic and great for people-watching, but you really shouldn't have much trouble walking in anywhere of a reasonable size.
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not to derail, but i would avoid going to blanchard's in allston. a while back a video surfaced of the owner abusing a dog in the store.
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Thanks very much, all. Appreciate the prompt responses and the links.
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