Wasting time on google -- term?
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What is the term (verb) for wasting time by not using Google to answer a question? Or also asking a question and wasting someone else's time by not looking it up on Google? And it's not lazy or Goopid. This is for a desperate coworker.
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Are you looking for a real word or do you want us to make one up? If the latter, how about "yougle".
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(or "yoogle" may be better)
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I'm looking for an actual, already established word (as well established as such a word can be right now....), not a new coinage.
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Lazy? Ignorant? Is there a need for a specific term?
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If this word existed, we'd know about it in the library profession. This word doesn't exist except [possibly] as a recent coinage, or a fairly geographically limited neologism.
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Thanks, jessamyn. I was skeptical myself, but decided to check anyway to see if I was behind the curve.
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OK, my coworker decided that Yougle was exactly what she needed. Thanks for the help everyone!
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you could also just use luddite. it's not google-specific. or maybe it is?
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Just fucking google it?
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