Automated Streetview in Google Maps
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Is there any app that will automate a 'walkthrough' of Google Street View, based on a to/from set of directions in Google Maps? Example: Assuming Google has 'streetviewed' all the roads from point A in Berkeley to point B in SF, is there a program or site that would show me the street view of my route without my having to click through the route myself? I realize the time scale is a determinant factor: I would not want to sit through the 'drive' in real time, but hope I could selectively 'fast forward' in a way analogous to the zoom function of Google Earth.
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1) Get the directions from google
2) Select the print icon above the map
3) Choose Street View from Text Only/Maps/Street View options in the print window

You'll get a street view of each turn on the route.

At any point along the route you can right click to add a destination and the street view of that point will be added when you get the directions again.

That gets you turn by turn street views which is actually what you want if you're using this for getting directions.

If what you want is to drive a route, then this bit of google sample code will do it for you. It's picky about wanting the exact form of address that google maps will accept.
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That's weird. My link seems to have been clobbered. It should have been
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