Photo Contest Set-up Help Needed
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PhotoFilter: I need to create a monthly photo contest for my clients to participate in. Help me find the easiest way to do this.

I've already seen this question, but it is from 2007, and I know things have changed many times since then. I looked at the two programs suggested, but would prefer something online that I don't have to upload to my website.

I'd like to just set the thing up, give out a link, and have my clients upload photos of their dogs and vote on the best each month. I'd prefer an actual voting mechanism, rather than just writing "vote" in the comments.

I'd prefer free, or at least inexpensive for me, free for my clients to use.

I've googled this, but there's a lot of junk to slog through, so I was hoping to get some Mefite expertise!

Thanks in advance.
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You realize that having an on-going voting mechanism will skew the votes unfairly towards the early submitters, right? You're probably going to need a cut-off date for submissions, and if you have a cut-off date all you'd need is an hour or two on that cut-off date to download all the submissions and upload them to something with a polling mechanism. I know Livejournal offers polls attached to journals, but any free polling site (Survey Monkey, etc.) will do.
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