How to use Skype to call a Jordanian cell?
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How can I call a cellphone in Jordan using Skype?

I'm trying to reach a Jordanian cellphone via Skype. The number is of the format 079 - XXXX - XXXX -- at least that's the number I can dial from another Jordanian cellphone to complete the call.

So far I've had no luck connecting to the phone with Skype, though. I've selected the Jordan country code (962) of course, and I've tried to complete the call with all eleven digits, omitting the zero, omitting the seven, etc. and nothing's worked so far.

Anybody know how I should format the number?
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Should be +962 79 xxxx xxxx
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You can temporarily change Skype's default dialing prefix and just dial the cell number as if you were in Jordan:
- Click the dial pad on Skype's main window.
- Next to the phone-number entry/edit box, open the drop-down and select Jordan.
- Type or click the Jordanian phone number.
- After your call(s), restore the drop-down to your preferred default.
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