TV Show with Obstacle Course from the Early 90s
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TV Show Filter: Show from the early 90's or MAYBE mid to late 80's where the final part of the show was to go through a large obstacle course. More details inside.

I remember watching this show with my aunt. The final part of the show (might have been the whole show?) was going through a large obstacle course. It was quite a large course they had to go through with some pretty cool obstacles.

MAY have been on Lifetime or a game show channel. Maybe just reruns were on these channels. May also have been on around the time as the early 90's version of super market sweep.

-Legends of the Hidden Temple
-Master of the Maze
-Double Dare
-The Crystal Maze
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If I'm right, I am thrilled to have been the harbinger of such retro splendour.
posted by greenish at 7:38 AM on June 18, 2009

American Gladiators, perhaps? I loved that show.
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Nickelodeon Guts?
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Nope not Guts or American Gladiators. I am pretty sure it is no Nickolodeon show.
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Was it a kids show? Could it have been Fun House?
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Were the contestants kids, adults or both? Do you remember specifically what any of the obstacles were?
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That's My Dog!
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"Wild and Crazy Kids" maybe?
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No idea how similar the US version was to ours so it's a long-shot: Krypton Factor?
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If the show was a British one, being repeated in the US, it was almost certainly The Krypton Factor. Video of final assault course.
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Huh, didn't know they had an American version. You learn something new every day.
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It's a Knockout?

Versions of which screened in Australia, the UK and the USA
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Fun House isn't it. Neither is that's my dog. And definitel not Wild and Crazy kids. Not The Krypton Factor either.

It was not a nick show. It was adults I think. And it was an obstacle course that I THINK was indoors.
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As for specific obstacles I remember a tube that rotated where contestants had to crawl through (much like a fun house). I can't put my finger on any other specific obstacles.
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I lied. After finally finding a shitty video.. I think that it was the finale of Fun House. Ufez Jones you win.
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Double Dare!
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I can't read, sorry.
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I just want to point out that the Wikipedia entry for Double Dare is alarmingly thorough.
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Woohoo! Now where's Johnny to tell me what I've won?
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Ufez Jones you have won a Casio Calculator approximate retail value 8.99.
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I have been trying to find any type of web-based data on the show Fun House for a while now. I was beginning to think I'd imagined the whole show...
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YouTube is invaluable for disturbing footage of host Pat Sharp's early mullet...
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Fun House! used to be my favorite afterschool show. Once Jaleel White (bka as Steve Urkel) was a contestant and that was the first time I saw him without the nerd costume, before Stefan Urquelle. I fell in lurve. His partner was Candace Cameron (DJ on Full House). It came on at 4:00pm and I used to have to compete with my ant watching Oprah at the same time.

I think the teams were red and yellow. My brother and I (and I'm sure every other kid) used to think we would ace the obstacle course if ever we were on the show. The hosts name was JD or DJ, and I'm pretty sure that's another reason that Jaleel White stood out, because there were two DJ's on the show that day.

It was fun times, indeed!
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JD Roth, the host, is now a BigTime TV producer.

"While not working on Endurance, Roth serves as narrator on NBC's weight loss reality show, The Biggest Loser, (with Caroline Rhea and, later, Alison Sweeney), which he also co-created and produces. He also produces reality shows Breaking Bonaduce, with former child star, Danny Bonaduce on VH1 and "Beauty and the Geek" on the CW Network, alongside Ashton Kutcher (of That '70s Show fame). Roth's 3Ball Productions has partnered with Milestone Entertainment to produce the California Lottery's new game show, Make Me a Millionaire, which premiered on January 17, 2009,[3] for an initial four-year run.[1]"
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