2 iphones + 1 itunes = ?
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How do you sync two iphones to one, shared itunes? Also, is it possible to keep each phone's calendar and address book separate from the other?

I'm getting an iphone tomorrow (yay!) and my husband already has one. Because I use my phone primarily for work, he does not want to have my several hundred contacts in his address book. Same for the calendar function. How can we sync our phones to our shared computer and maintain this separation? Of course, we would want to be able to share apps, music and movies.
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Separate accounts on the Mac, and then you need to make sure you are logged in to the right account when you sync. And various other complications.

Or, you share an address book / calendar, and use a separate group for each person's contacts / events. Then only choose the appropriate groups in the Sync settings.
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Use separate accounts on the computer and share one iTunes store account. That will give you both access to anything purchased through iTunes and everything else can be copied manually. Then you can keep everything else separate.
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OK, we have our entire itunes library on his user account on the mac, how can I access the library from my user account?
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Instructions from Apple. Basically you just move the library to /Users/Shared, then tell iTunes to point to it on each account.
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