Drugs got back?
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So, I have a drug screening to go to on Monday for a new job. My back started spasming Friday afternoon and not thinking as far ahead as Monday, I've taken 3 Tramadol for the pain over the course of the last 24 hours.
Am I screwed?
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If it's prescribed to you by a doctor, just inform the screening people. If it's not prescribed to you by a doctor, you may be screwed. However, AFAIK, tramadol is not a controlled substance, so why would they even screen for it?
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Just making sure...

and no it's not prescribed to me, it's some Mom had on hand.
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The half-life of tramadol is about 6-7 hours, but since the drug doesn't follow zero-order kinetics (e.g., the inactivation rate of the drug is dependent on its concentration) it still won't be eliminated in 12-14 hours. Looking at the monograph, the drug shouldn't be completely eliminated for about 30 hours or so (longer if you took more than a single dose). So, I’d say there’s a pretty good chance that you would test positive for tramadol tomorrow morning.

I'd imagine, however, that if you brought your prescription to the screening and told them about your back pain problem, you would likely have nothing to worry about.
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Whoops, on returning, I guess you have a bit of a problem. While tramadol isn't chemically a opioid exactly, it has the same effects more-or-less. People readily abuse tramadol in a manner very similar to "true" opiates (they both exert their effect on the same receptor). So, testing positive for an "opioid" that you can't easily expalin with a prescription is probably a bad thing.

Also, don't assume you won't test positive if you haven't taken a dose in the past 30 hours. The elimination rate above is rough, and lots of factors can influence the rate of elimination (e.g., elimination will take a lot longer if you're renally or hepatically impaired in any way, or if you've used other drugs metabolized by the same cytochrome P-450 enzyme, et cetera…).
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Last dose was at about 8 last night, I don't take any other drugs.
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Well, the prescription issue is still unsaid, so I'm going to guess that it doesn't exist. If that's the case, it depends on who the company is. If it's for a floor job at a department store, or something like that, you're probably SOL. If it's for a white-collar job, have a frank discussion with the HR folks.

The firm wants to hire you- remember that. They're not interested in busting you, as it means they've wasted time. Lay it out, emphasize that it's a one-time deal because it was the weekend and you were in a pinch, and ask them to move it back a few days. They'll probably agree, or ask you to do it twice.
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for mkultra:

Just making sure...

and no it's not prescribed to me, it's some Mom had on hand.
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Well, this isn't an exact science, but if you drink so much water that your urine sample is too diluted to test, it's not unheard-of that they'd ask you to come back for a second test. On the other hand, some workplaces count a too-diluted sample as a positive result. Kind of a crap-shoot, really.
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I try not to drink water....

Just kidding, I'm just not going to worry about. If I don't get the job I'll move back to Colorado that much sooner.
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grrr, that's worry about it
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It wouldn't hurt to drink a bunch of cranberry juice tonight. It may not make you clean, but then again it might.
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Tell them about it but tell them you have a perscription. You have an excuse. Use it.

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Tell them you can't have the drug screening on Monday because you took a prescription drug on Saturday and you don't want to waste their time or their lab fees until your urine is clear. What do you have to lose by doing that?
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there's a 48 hour turnaround time from the interview to the drug screening and the postmaster already fudged it by a day...

oh yeah, this is for a post office job, btw.
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