Job Board Pricing Options?
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Which job board pricing model do employers prefer... pay per job post, or pay per candidate reviewed?

I'm working on a project that cannot be designed further without considering the following:

Which job board pricing model do employers prefer?
1) pay by the job post.
2) pay by how many candidates you review.

In option one, you pay a flat fee up front to post a job.

In option two, you don't pay to post, but you pay to contact candidates. Includes the ability to filter and view resumes, but not contact info until payment.
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Per post. What if I want to start interviewing people right away, but resumes would continue to come in for days or weeks? It would be a hassle to arrange payment every time I see a resume I like, especially if payments have to go through accounting. It would slow the process wayyyy down.
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Does anyone do the 2nd model? I've never heard of it, but it's an intriguing way of doing it if you can figure out an easy way around the hassle tcvtchick mentions. Could be a key differentiator. Could you offer both models?
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Pay per post.
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Pay per post, and set up a discount rate for bulk posting, plus a premium rate for "featured jobs".
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With the pay-per-contact model you describe, I would not even consider your services when hiring since there would be no way to control my costs. There would be no way to protect myself from runaway costs due to problems with candidate or resume quality, and your model doesn't integrate usefully into my existing hiring workflow.
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I prefer pay per post, as most of the resumes that come through the boards I've used are not suitable and there would be no way to tell which ones to review before clicking.

It would also be good if you allowed posting to several areas/categories without having to copy and paste the listing or go to each new category to create a new post. Checkboxes with $25/check or something like that would be good.
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