48 Hours in Malibu, CA
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I've got 48 hours in Malibu and want to make the most of it. Please share your absolute must sees and must dos. Thanks!

I'm staying on Carbon Beach and want to see and do as much as possible in the short amount of time I have there. Where should I dine? Where are the best places for scenic or celebrity photo ops? Best beach front bar? Any and everything else you can think of.

I'll have my own car, so getting around is not a problem.
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Patrick's Roadhouse (on the PCH, technically in Santa Monica, but close to the Malibu border) is alot of fun and "one of those quintessentially L.A. institutions treasured by celebrities as Le Dôme or Spago."
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Also Tra di Noi is a favorite local Malibu restaurant frequented by celebrities, especially on the weekends (brunch and dinner). There are other restaurants in the Malibu Colony Plaza where the "stars" hang-out. Just look for the clutch of paparazzi which often stakes-out this outdoor mall.
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I'd say that Gladstone's is a good bet for nice views and pretty good food. It's consistently one of the top revenue producing restaurants in the country due to its location and price (expensive . . . but good seafood). It's also right near the Baywatch beach if that means anything to you :)

On your way, you can stop by Moonshadows, where Mel Gibson was drinking before he called that cop "Sugart**s" . . .

The Rosenthal Winery has some good wines and nice views.

Neptune's Net is an awesome place . . always busy with good views and awesome food for lunch. More like a very large and established fish shack than a restaurant . . it's been in many movies (see The Fast and the Furious for the shrimp peeling that everyone does!).

The newly renovated Malibu pier has a nice place for cocktails . . .

You can always see celebrities at Trancas Market (near Zuma beach).

Finally, there is a small shopping center near the Malibu Courthouse called the Country Mart . . they have some expensive shops that we always see celebrities in when we shop/eat down there. Also, if you come up Kanan Road into Agoura/Westlake or Las Virgenes Canyon Road into Calabasas, you'll likely see celebrities . . . Agoura/Westlake has some older celebs and Calabasas is Britney Spears, Travis Barker, John Mayer, etc. . . you can find them anywhere!
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Seconding Neptune's Net.
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John's Garden in the Malibu Country Mart has some of the best salads, sandwiches, and shakes in L.A. Eat in the little courtyard by the playground and bring a jacket--it can be breezy, even in the summertime.

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For breakfast - Paradise Cove Beach Cafe. Parking is outrageously expensive, but validated when you dine.

Beach was location for a number of "Sea Hunt" episodes, as well as several "Beach whatever-whatever" movies with Annette Funnicello.
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Just coming in to second the suggestion of Neptune's Net and Paradise Cove. Very different vibes, but both equally Malibu in their way!
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I'm not sure what your budget is, but I think the omakase at Nobu is pretty incredible, and it's about as Malibu as it gets.
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N'thing Neptune's Net! If you go late afternoon and it's windy, you also get to see kite surfing.
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