Good free keyword tracker for SEO?
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Good free keyword tracker for SEO similar to Digital Point's Keyword Tracker?

Does anyone know of or use a good free keyword tracker for SEO purposes? The one I have used semi-regularly is Keyword Tracker from Digital Point. This has worked quite well for my needs but there are problems using this tool now. For one, it requires a Google SOAP Search API which you cannot get anymore and if you had one it won't work after August 31st, 2009 when it is retired. For tracking Yahoo and MSN, the use of a PHP script is required which won't work if the server you are working with does not have PHP installed.

If there are no free apps then what tools have you used that are reasonably priced with good tracking options?
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Rank Tracker isn't perfect but does the job. You can't save reports using the free version but I've found it sufficient for my needs.
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