How to make a ginger martini?
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Have you ever made a ginger martini? How? Google isn't helping me.
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Weird. Google works OK for me. It turned up lots of recipes, including this fairly straightforward one at, which seems to specialize in martini recipes.
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Yes, I saw those results. But I don't want a pear ginger martini, and I don't know what "ginger liqueur" is. That's why I asked to hear from people who had actually made one themselves. But thanks anyway.
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I've never seen ginger liqueur in a store (although I assume there is a "known" brand name one someplace) but you can make some by slicing ginger root thinly and sealing it in a jar covered with vodka. Takes about 2 weeks to steep. Strain it through some cheesecloth when done.

Use the vodka in your next martini.

If you don't mind bastardizing the idea of "martini" further, you could also cook thin slices of ginger in a simple syrup, then strain that. Use that in the place of ordinary simple syrup in a cocktail made with, say, pineapple juice. That'd be nice, though not very martini-y at all.
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I've never made one, but I am a fan of martinis. Here's a recipe that you may like. It requires you to infuse the vodka, but hey for a good martini what's a little infusing? I think that I'll try this one myself.

Most of the recipes that I found. Use either infused vodka (see link above), ginger liqueur, or ginger syrup. All three are easy to make yourself.
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though not very martini-y at all.

I hear ya on that bc. To me a martini requires either gin or voda and nothing else but perhaps ice, olives, or a twist. I prefer Bombay on the rocks with a twist. Calling a "cosmopolitan" a martini is just a way of being able to charge more and give less to the customer since martini glasses are smaller than the typical rocks glasses. They still taste damn good though whatever they're called.
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To me a martini requires either gin or voda and nothing else but perhaps ice, olives, or a twist.

These days anything served in a martini glass is called a martini. Pour some schlitz in one and call it a Milwaukee Martini.

I had something called a Watermelon Martini once, it was rum and watermelon Pucker mostly. I was disappointed that they didn't use a wedge of watermelon for a garnish.
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Wow, that sounds like an interesting drink. I have no recipe, but I think bcwinters has a good idea. Steeping the ginger slices in the vodka should impart a strong flavor and then you can make the martini without adding anything other than vodka and vermouth. It appears that you can buy one at Wild Ginger in Seattle.
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Oh, the vermouth may even be superfluous with the ginger.
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You can get ginger-infused vodka at two different places on 52nd St. between 7th and 8th Aves. here in New York.

Tastes pretty good, if a trifle rough. I like the horseradish infused vodka with a nice cigar.
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thanks all
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The best Ginger Martini I ever had was at the Kemia Bar in New York City! I've been looking for a similar recipe ever since. I'm like you, I don't want a "Pear Ginger Martini" or a "Ginger Liqueur Martini". If you find a recipe you love, let me know!
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