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Can I force a "print view" on sites that do not have such a feature?

I want to print some blog posts and was wondering if there is a script or something for my browser that would allow me to get a "Print View" of the post, even if that feature is not built into the blog itself. News sites allow you to do this through an actual URL that takes you to a printable version of the article (like this), but most other websites do not provide this feature. It would be much easier to just hit a button on my browser than copy/paste into a word processor. Any suggestions?
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You could try the Readability bookmarklet.
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If you're using Firefox you can go to
View>PageStyle>No Style
This'll get rid of any styles and give you a nice black & white page
You can take it one step further and then highlight the text you want to print and select "print selected text" from the print menu

Pretty positive you can do the exact same thing in any other browser as well
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I came in to recommend readability. But crickets beat me there.
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The answer to your prayers:
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You want to view a website as it will look when it's printed? File> Print Preview.

Or if you want a button.
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Seconding - the 'Do it for me' button works surprisingly well but you can fiddle around yourself to get it just the way you want it.
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Make sure you do a print preview before assuming a site won't print nicely. I've never built a site with separate 'printer-friendly' pages, but all sites I build have print style sheets that hide the navigation etc. to produce similar results.
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