And The Card Attached Will Say Thank You For Being A Friend
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I just recently went and visited some friends and want to send a gift to thank them for being such great hosts. One of my friends has recently hurt his neck and I am thinking of sending something that might make him feel better. Any suggestions?

I stayed a few nights with a close friend and her boyfriend. I won't have a problem finding a gift to find for my girlfriend, but her boyfriend and I have just gotten to know eachother over the past year, so I'm not so sure what to get for him. He is a weightlifter and in great shape, but recently hurt his neck pretty badly when lifting weights. I'm not sure exactly what the diagnosis is, but I believe it is worse than a pulled muscle, and he is nervous about having to get surgery or worse yet, not being able to lift weights anymore.

I want to spend around $30 on a gift for him -- something that might bring him some relief or make him feel better would be fantastic. Do the great and wise mefites of the green have any suggestions of what might be good?
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maybe one of the bucky products - something like the neck roll, perhaps.
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If you already know for sure that he has a taste for it, marijuana is pretty ace as a muscle relaxant/pain killer for muscle aches.
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Maybe a microwavable heat pad?
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If he's expected to make a full recovery . . . a cravat?
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Everyone has a heating pad, but do they have a Thermipaq thermal clay microwavable heating pad that you can also put in the freezer and use as a cold-pack?

Two sizes, both less than 20$ at Target.
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I think a rice sock would go quite a long way.

You can buy one or make it yourself --- the link is to make-it-yourself directions. You can even make it longer by stitching together longer pieces of material. The great things about them is they last for freaking ever --- just have to pop them in the microwave for about a minute to warm it up, and I've found it to be gentler than a heating pad and for me, at least, the weight of it is pleasant.
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If you give him a copy of Pain Free by Pete Egoscue you might earn his undying gratitude.

At least, that's how I'd feel if somebody had given the book to me, instead of me finding it at the library.
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